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My name is Samantha, I am 20 and live in Australia. I am in a beautiful relationship with the perfect girl.
This is my personal blog for my feelings, thoughts and photos. I'm no content with the person I am but I'm learning to love the skin I am in. I drink far too much Up and Go and watch far too many movies. I have red hair and green eyes. I wear makeup when I leave the house and I workout at the gym at night. I put others before myself and that's a habit I'm trying to break.

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23 hours of being awake.. D E D.

This is turned into a rather adventurous roadtrip… Feeling like fugitives..

DJSIgajemduzidntbanjHAHSNEKSJZJAJAJA!!!!! Excuse me whilst I go to a corner and rock myself to sleep..

2nd January. 9:12pm. Roadtrip.

2 hours down and two and a half to go, and that’s just getting there. Spontaneous road trip to rescue a friends brother. Good way to start the year if the circumstances were a little different and if the stereo would okay the music off the IPhones!!!!
We’re expecting to return home at about 3-4am tomorrow morning. Keen for sleep!! I’m kinda bummed though, I’ll have no effort or energy to get up an workout!! But I’ll be buying better sneakers tomorrow from my girlfriends work and I will make a habit of waking up at the crack of dawn to move my legs!!
Hope everyone’s new year has kick started the way to great things!!

Here’s my face.


It’s official. We didn’t die. There was no apocolypse. There was no reenactment of “The Day After Tomorrow”, and now the new year brings new adventure, new obstacles, new challenges, new beginnings and new outlooks on what life has to offer.

I will be the best person I can be in this new year, I will achieve things and make some kind of an impact.

Bring on 2013 bitches!

31st December. 7:49am. New Year’s Eve.

And the hype begins. I think shutting myself away from social media would be a wise thing to do today.. This years has gone by so quickly, I mean it actually hasn’t but that’s how it feels, and by this time every year I still have the same resolutions, and the same doubts as before. Believe me, it’s starting to suck!!
Here’s what to expect from me in the new year;
• My 21st

• 6 months with my girlfriend.

• A year with my girlfriend.

• Over coming those obstacles I never could.


• 55kgs, here I come.

This year, just like the last year, I will try so hard to achieve my goals, and if I give up, I’m just cheating on myself.

Selfies errrrrday!

28th December. 8:17am.
Time for an update, as you can see I’ve deleted all the reblogging I’ve done in the recent past and will be more onto being a personal blog. Mainly for the fact that writing about things helps with my anxiety and overcoming it and having it under control is a New Years resolution.
In the past two weeks it have many up and downs, some days I haven’t wanted to leave the house or even get out of bed. Emotions were doing as they pleased. However, my relationship with my girlfriend is so much stronger and I have my bestfriend back!

Christmas was average, I think I stopped getting excited about it when I knew Santa didn’t exist. I know my family don’t have alot of money and when I get gifts, it really is heartwarming. So this year I spent it with my family and my girlfriend and it was just like any other day.
New years..I’m actually not that excited, I don’t get hyped up, I don’t find bare minimal outfits to parade around the clubs in, actually I just don’t do anything really. As long as midnight comes, and my lips join with my girlfriends, i’m content.
I’d love to hear about everyone’s Christmas and their New Years plans.

My personal blog is back in full swing!

Prepare for pictures and words of my days and thoughts, just like before but minus the reblogging.

Don’t be a stranger, drop in an ask, I appreciate it when my followers take the time!

Red ombre.

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